Research shows that employees who feel happy and secure in their workplace are more productive employees. Whether it’s a corporate office, manufacturing plant, warehouse or a public-facing branch location, employee peace of mind has a direct impact on your bottom line. ALERTPOINT’s enterprise solution is designed to help remove the burden of “what ifs” and allow sharper focus on the task at hand. From wearable wireless panic buttons to tracking and locating devices to powerful desktop and mobile software platforms, ALERTPOINT helps provide an end-to-end security umbrella for your most valuable assets.


  • Employee Safety at the Push of a Button
    Increase incident awareness and staff peace of mind with ALERTPOINT’s wearable panic buttons that can be quickly and discreetly pressed during any incident, instantly notifying security or management for assistance.
  • Accelerated Response with Accurate Locating
    Put protocols in motion faster with ALERTPOINT’s locating technology and powerful software that lets you know precisely when and where there is a threat to your office, plant or facility – expediting response, coordination and communication.
  • Reliable Enterprise-Wide Protection
    Create a security net around your buildings and grounds with ALERTPOINT’s mesh network of proprietary “hubs” and locating beacons that incorporates multiple wireless technologies for system redundancy and reliability.
  • Track and Manage Assets
    Quickly locate company assets with ALERTPOINT enterprise software and locating devices, reducing labor costs and improving overall operating efficiency.
  • Command and Control from Anywhere
    Conveniently manage and monitor an emergency event as it’s unfolding with ALERTPOINT Mobile or AlertView Software – which even includes a walkie-talkie function for secure, streamlined communication.