Innovative Technology

ALERTPOINT Wearable Buttons

HELP is a button press away.

  • Creates instant alert notification from a convenient wearable button.
  • Provides real-time locating information for quick response.
  • Easily attaches to a lanyard or ID badge.
  • Multiple form factors designed for easy and discreet access.

Reliable, real-time notifying and locating.

  • Forms independent, interconnected network with ALERTPOINT gateway that works whether your network is online or off.
  • Communicates via Bluetooth® with ALERTPOINT wearables and apps for locating, notifying and alert activation — no pairing required.
  • Includes programmable multi-color LEDs for alerts and notifications.
  • Wired power connection for worry-free maintenance.

ALERTPOINT Notification Hub

ALERTPOINT Wireless Beacons

Battery-powered locating/tracking.

  • Communicates via Bluetooth® with ALERTPOINT Notification Hub, wearables and apps for alert activating, locating and tracking.
  • Provides long-lasting (5+ years), low-maintenance operation.
  • Installs quickly and easily indoors or outdoors.

Leading-edge Software


On-the-go crisis management.

  • Instantly lock down your building(s) right from the palm of your hand.
  • No data, no Internet…no problem. ALERTPOINT Mobile apps can communicate with ALERTPOINT Hubs and beacons via Bluetooth® for locating, notifying and alert activation — no pairing required.
  • Easily manage and monitor a crisis on your smartphone with the “Active Alert Console” crisis management screen.
  • Turn your smartphone into a secure, two-way emergency communication radio with a push of a button, streamlining communication between responders and crisis managers.

Manage your crisis in clear view.

  • Manage and monitor crises from the office or command center as they’re happening on a large screen display with ALERTPOINT AlertView software and PA interface.
  • Instantly identify and locate security alerts when they occur with real-time updating maps and floor plans.
  • See the whole picture with precise incident information.

ALERTPOINT AlertView Software


Powerful, scalable applications to meet your needs.

  • Get alert information and instructions to every room with ALERTPOINT client applications (PC and Mac).
  • Respond to incoming alert notifications, letting colleagues know you’re on your way.
  • View and manage alerts for which you are responsible, based on your role.